Why women wear waist beads

Waist beads have been worn for centuries by women from Africa for the purpose of beauty, weight loss tracking, attracting mates, symbolism and for initiation rites. Today, they are worn for the same reasons by different cultures.

Question How do you measure yourself for waist beads?
AnswerUse a measuring tape around the area you would like the beads to lay. Do not tuck in your stomach while measuring to ensure accurate sizing. Allow wiggle space when measuring for breathing room.
Question Can I shower in my waist beads?
AnswerWe recommend keeping the closures dry at all times because it may react with water.
Question I do not see my waist size
AnswerIf your size is not listed, please contact us and we will help
Question Do waist beads shape your body?
AnswerWaist beads can be used to track weight loss and help with shaping your mid section (continuous wear of several strands over a long period of time).
Question Are the waist beads elastic
AnswerNo. Our waist beads do not stretch.
Question What string do you use for the waist beads
AnswerWe use a clear durable, water resistant nylon strand similar to a fishing line.